Inside the Amenity Deck: Unwinding in Style at Waterfront Square

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After Mark rolls out of bed on a sunny Saturday morning, he decides to head up to the amenity deck and check out the buzzing scene. As he steps off the elevator onto the massive 20,000 square foot deck, he grabs a cold brew coffee from the outdoor lounge café before surveying the action.

Mark finds a nice spot by the sleek infinity pool overlooking the ocean. He settles into a cozy lounge chair and connects his phone to the built-in chargers as the vibrant beach backdrop stretches out before him. Gazing out from the 14th floor perch, Mark watches boats drift by on the glittering waters of Massachusetts Bay in the distance.

Glancing around the amenity deck filled with his fellow Waterfront Square residents, Mark feels immersed in the easygoing seaside lifestyle. By the pool, residents catch up with their latest novel or chat over cocktails at the Tiki bar. Nearby, the outdoor gaming area fills with laughter as friends compete in a round of cornhole.

Over in the alcove housing a giant flat screen TV, a group congregates to cheer on their team playing in the big game this afternoon. The aroma of food cooking on the grills whets Mark’s appetite, deciding to put his name on the list for one of the high-top tables to eat lunch poolside later on.

As the midday sun beams down warming the expansive deck space, the scene is filled with activity. Kids splash in the shallow zone of the stunning curved pool. A steady stream of residents put their athleisure wear to good use, heading in and out of the fully-loaded gym with wraparound glass walls showcasing ocean views.

Looking to break a sweat himself, Mark changes and joins a small group fitness class starting up. Under the shade structure, their energetic instructor leads the class through intervals of bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats before some ab work. Mark likes that he can choose from the daily schedule of yoga, pilates, boxing and more offered right onsite – it makes staying active effortless.

After the brisk workout and quick rinse in one of the outdoor showers, Mark claims a table along the edge where he orders lunch. Savoring woodfired pizza fresh from the outdoor brick oven while gazing out at the sparkling seascape, Mark feels grateful for the array of high-end amenities just an elevator ride away from home sweet home.

As the afternoon winds down, Mark reflects on how he used to drive miles to get a brief escape from his hectic routine before moving here. Now he has access to a stunning oasis featuring everything from cabanas, firepits, and TVs to a putting green, game area, and top-notch fitness center daily – all overlooking the serene Atlantic.

With sailboats drifting along the horizon and salty ocean air ruffling his hair, Mark knows the of the best perks at Waterfront Square is having this incredible amenity deck immersed in the coastal landscape. He happily embraces the relaxing, fun-filled seaside lifestyle it cultivates each day for residents right at home.